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The MTB fork is a key component for steering, comfort and handling of your bike, it can be rigid or suspension.

Technologies of an MTB fork:

Two types of forks exist:

  • rigid models in steel, aluminum, titanium or carbon, they are designed for use on a ride, road cyclist or cross country
  • the suspended versions intended to improve comfort only are generally made up of elastomer pads and springs. The models intended for the sporting excursions are adjustable in compression, the top-of-the-range models and competition have an adjustment of the compression, the rebound and the locking is possible for a use on road or on flat paths. In order to gain weight and performance, some models are fitted with an oleopneumatic system: air chamber for compression and oil bath for expansion, the settings of which are completely customizable depending on the terrain and the weight of the pilot.

Compatibility and choice of an MTB fork:

The choice of an MTB fork can be made according to the following criteria:

  • braking system: by disc brake or by V-brake or cantilever pivots
  • wheel diameter 26, 27.5 or 29 inches
  • tube diameter 1 inch, 1 "1/8, 1" 1/4, constant or conical
  • headset type: headset or threaded
  • technology according to the planned use
  • adjustment possibilities
  • the travel
  • the need for a locking system
  • the brand, it may be wise to choose a recognized brand in mountain biking such as Rock Shox or Marzocchi because the supply of spare parts will be easier
  • the weight
  • rigidity

Maintenance and replacement:

A rigid fork like a telescopic fork requires regular cleaning with soapy water without pressure to remove pollutants such as mud, dried earth, dust and traces of grease.

For the suspension versions we recommend that you check the condition of the bellows and seals, to check if oil leaks have appeared.

In order to not damage the fork tube, it is necessary to respect the tightening torques recommended by the manufacturers of the stem, headset and to limit the movements in the steering bushing. For your safety, it is recommended to check the tightness of the brake caliper.

In the event of a leak, breakage of an item or a crack, repairing a MTB fork can be an expensive and complex operation that requires specific tools. If you do not have the necessary skills and tools, do not hesitate to call on a specialist for the overhaul and repair of your telescopic MTB fork.

Changing or mounting a fork on an MTB is a simple operation that does not require specific tools.


We offer a large number of complementary components with an MTB fork such as headset, stems, wheels and brakes.

More than 350 brands of parts and accessories in new cleared or second hand condition are offered at the best price.

Here are some examples of MTB fork brands: Rock Shox, Marzocchi, Manitou, ...